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Steps to obtain your EZDial.Net access
To receive your EZDial.Net access, please follow the steps below:
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How To Receive Your EZDial.Net Access

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EZ Signup

  1. Using our Access Number Locator, select your "Primary Access Number" and Network Realm (either "al", "cd", "st", "uu" or "qw").   Write this information down.

    Note:  Please check the phone number(s) you select with your local Phone Company.  We cannot be responsible for any long distance charges.
  2. Using our E-Mail Address Checker, find an available E-Mail address that you wish to use as your new  "Primary E-Mail Address" ("YourChoice"@EZdial.Net).  Write this information down.
  3. Complete the Secure EZDial.Net Signup Form.   After completing this form you will be provided with alternative payment methodsYou may complete your payment transaction either online or offline.

    EZ Setup
  4. Dependent on your choice of payment transaction in Step #3, you will receive your access User ID and Password as well as your Primary E-Mail Account Name & Password either via your existing E-Mail account or via phone contact from a Customer Service Representative.
  5. Setup a "Dial-Up Networking" connection on your computer using the following:
    • The "Area Code" and "Telephone Number" you selected in Step #1.
    • Enter your access User ID and Password where required by your "Dial-Up Networking" software.
    • Verify your dial-up connection is working properly.
  6. Setup your favorite E-Mail handling software using the following:
    • Your confirmed Primary E-Mail address, account name and password you were provided in Step #4.
    • Your software will need the following information:
      • Your "Incoming Mail Server is a "POP3" server.
      • Your "Incoming Mail Server" address is "mail.ezdial.net".
      • Your "Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server" address is "stoneweb.com".
    • Verify your E-Mail account is working properly.  A simple way to do this is to send an E-Mail to yourself.
  7. Enjoy your online experience!
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