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Just Who Is EZDial.Net Anyway?At work for you!
EZDial.Net is a national communication service of FXtra Network which is a division of FXtra, Inc.  FXtra is no newcomer to the Internet scene.  FXtra, Inc. was formally Computrix founded in 1995.  The FXtra TC Division has been providing business development services since August of 1997.

In 2000, FXtra Network was formed to provide connectivity and web hosting solutions to its new and existing business customers.  Seeing the need for quality dial-up services for the general public and small businesses alike, FXtra Network launched EZDial.Net in 2002.  EZDial.Net has combined quality services such as Qwest, UUNET, Megapop, Starnet and Aleron to make available over 5,000 access numbers in over 1000 cities throughout the United States and Canada.  EZDial.Net has quickly become the Internet's rising star for A-1 dial-up connectivity in all 50 states!

EZDial.Net offers premium service at a highly competitive price.  EZDial.Net includes all the best features for both personal and small business needs.  EZDial.Net, as it's name implies, has made connectivity easy.   With no pop-up ads, no spam privacy (we don't sell your e-mail addresses), no set-up fees, free web space, unlimited access and all provided at a low price anyone can afford; EZDial.Net is clearly a winner.Working for you!

To simplify your participation even further, EZDial.Net offers Auto-Pay.  You'll never have to worry about service interruptions due to missed payments.  EZDial.Net can be deducted automatically from either your credit card or checking account.

We're striving to make your Internet experience a better one.  EZDial.Net is not only User-Friendly, it is also Family-Friendly.  We're sure you'll find EZDial.Net both cost effective and easy to use.  Get started today!

Our Premium Dial-Up Service is only $16.95/mo.
US Dollars Pre-paid Quarterly

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EZDial.Net is a National Dial-up Communication Service of FXtra Network a Division of FXtra, Inc.
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